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AS/A Level  Physics Course

Exam board: WJEC
AS Level2500QS – A Level 1500QS

As you probably know from GCSE, Physics is the science of the physical world. There are hardly any new topics at A-level that you won’t have come across. Higher Level GCSE calculation topics are simply repeated, e.g. acceleration and kinetic/potential energy, voltage-current-resistance, while others e.g. heat energy electromagnetism and astronomy have calculation introduced at A-level, while only descriptive at GCSE. Maths is involved in A-level Physics but you do not need to do A-level Maths. You just need to be good at most higher-tier GCSE maths, formulae (using and re-arranging them), graphs e.g. y=mx+c, Pythagoras, sin cos and tan percentages and standard form.

In the second year of the course, full A Level, in module 5 you will study further mechanics such as circular motion and oscillations, heat energy, the kinetic molecule theory of gases, then astronomy-planet orbits, stars and the Big Bang theory of the Universe. Module 6 is electromagnetism, (motors generators and transformers), radioactivity particle physics and medical physics. Much of the exam material in the A-level exams will be AS content so you will revise all of this in the A-level course.

There is no “coursework” or practical examinations to worry about. Instead you will do experiments on most topics throughout the course and will answer exam questions about the experiments you did. In the second year of A-level there is the “Practical Endorsement” which you will pass based on your practical work during the course. This is the teacher saying we have seen you set up and use the equipment for the practicals done over the course and is a similar procedure to that in chemistry and biology.

Physics is an essential subject to take at A-Level if you plan to take a Physics or Engineering course at university. It is also a useful A-Level to have if you plan to study Pharmacy, Optometry, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Biomedical Science, Chemistry or Earth Sciences.

Entry Requirements

To study A Level Physics you need a minimum of five GCSEs at grade 4-9 or C and above. You also require grade 5 or C + in Mathematics and Physics and one other science / 5 or above in Combined Science.


In summary, the specification consists of 5 units:

AS Unit 1 and AS Unit 2 will be taught in Year 12

A2 Unit 3, A2 Unit 4 and A2 Unit 5 (Practical Exam) will be taught in Year 13 to complete the A level course.

Studying the WJEC  A level in Physics encourages learners to:

  • develop essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of the subject and how they relate to each other
  • develop and demonstrate a deep appreciation of the skills, knowledge and understanding of scientific methods
  • develop competence and confidence in a variety of practical, mathematical and problem solving skills
  • develop their interest in and enthusiasm for the subject, including developing an interest in further study and careers associated with the
  • understand how society makes decisions about scientific issues and how the sciences contribute to the success of the economy and society

AS Units

A2 Units

This is a unitised specification which allows for an element of staged assessment.
Assessment opportunities will be available in the summer assessment period each year,until the end of the life of the specification

This specification is divided into a total of 5 units, 2 AS units and 3 A2 units. Weightings noted below are expressed in terms of the full A level qualification.

AS Units

A2 Units

Access Arrangements

Access Arrangements allow candidates/learners with special educational needs, disabilities or temporary injuries to access the assessment without changing the demands of the assessment.
For example, readers, scribes and Braille question papers. In this way, Awarding Bodies will comply with the duty of the Equality Act 2010 to make ‘reasonable adjustments’.

We can arrange access arrangements and assess you with our special assessor.  The deadline for application to the exam board is the February of the year the learner sits the exams.

To find out more about exam access arrangements  click here

Study Options

You can choose from the following study options:


We offer a range of study options, we are flexible, offer tutor support, and 
interest-free payment plans make it easy to shape learning around your life.

We are registered with Estyn, our aims to give each student a complete education in which they achieve their academic potential and grow as an individual.

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You’ll sit the same A level exams at the same time as all the other students in the UK, and you’ll receive the same results, transcript and qualification.

You’re a level course will be accepted by colleges, universities and employers worldwide.

Yes! You can, if you are looking to improve your grade in your GCSEs, whilst studying A levels with us!

You can study A level courses through a range of study options; our blended learning which consists of online live classes and pre-recorded and in person teaching in class. The other option is only online live classes or Distance learning course.

Students normally study 4 AS subject in Year 12 and continue with the 3 subjects of their course in Year 2 to complete the A level.

If you are studying a distance learning course, we can assess you through the year through a range of assessments.
How will I be supported?

  • We offer subject support tutorials every month
  • 1:1 support from your subject tutor, online or by email
  • 24/7 access to the your online learning platform
  • Interactive online learning broken down into easy-to-follow units
  • Practice tests and mock exams marked by your tutor
  • Friendly student services team, so you’re never more than a message or phone call away from a helping hand

Distance Learning is a self-study course that you work through at your own pace using our Online course materials; a wide range of online resources, access to our Google classroom and tutor support when you need it.

Of course, you can study this course part time, making sure you have mentioned in your enrolment.

A level’s are usually a two year course, studying this in one year, would be an intensive course. You may be able to complete the course in one year as an intensive course; you need to show a strong understanding of the subject.

You have the option to join Year 13 and repeat the year and complete your course in one year.

We offer A levels – part time in the evenings to adult learners.

You have 2 options – Online live classes in the evening, Online Distance learning course.

You will have full tutor support in both options.

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If you have any disabilities which you think might affect your studies or assessments, please let us know before you enrol so we can advise you on whether reasonable adjustments can be made to accommodate your needs.

AS/A Level Physics Specification
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