Project Description

Courses that fit with students

Blended learning, combining face-to-face and online learning, has become a part of our curriculum as we adapt to support our students’ learning as effectively as possible, whilst maintaining an ethos of clarity, simplicity and consistency.

We want to provide courses that fit with students, rather than the other way around. Because of this, we’ve created a suite of blended learning courses to make learning more flexible.

Combining the benefits of online and classroom-based study


Our teachers will teach the course using a combination of; live classes, loom pre-recorded videos, PowerPoint presentations, exercises and interactive videos and case studies; all of which are delivered through Google Meets and Zoom. Lessons are set and will be made available according to your timetable.

In-Person Teaching (on-campus)

These classes provide our students the opportunity to learn in the classroom at our campus, our teacher will be at hand to answer questions and provide guidance on progress and assessments.

These classes will also be an opportunity to interact, discuss and debate with fellow classmates, helping with the application of theories to real world problems. Through a flexible and enjoyable learning experience – both online and on campus – our ambition is to help you to achieve yours.