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Academic Results

Swansea College consistently achieves excellent results at A level and GCSE, which places us amongst the highest performing schools in Wales.

League tables only tell one small part of the story and of course, each year group is academically different from one year to the next.  Every pupil at our college, receive our full attention and guidance in order to achieve their potential.

The questions that parents and guardians should ask are, “how much value is the college is adding to my child’s education?” and “what is it that the college actually does to secure these results?” The results are a product of hard work and dedication, where each child’s strengths are known and encouraged – where individual potential is understood and developed, something we believe is down to the very nature and size of our college.  Swansea college is small enough that we know everyone well but large enough to provide a wealth of opportunities for all our students.

Excellent results at Swansea College in 2021!

Swansea College is extremely proud of the way in which this year’s cohort of GCSE / A-Level students approached yet another unusual exam season, where assessments in school replaced the traditional examination process.  We offer our warmest of congratulations for their achievements, at a time when the nation’s attention has continued to be directed towards the global pandemic, which had huge ramifications for the way that qualifications were awarded this year and last.  The teaching staff undertook countless hours of work in order to set and mark these unprecedented assessments.  Following the confirmation and awarding of the results by the examination boards, there was a complete agreement with the grades entered by the college.


We congratulate all of our students on their achievements this year. It has continued to be an uncertain and challenging time for all, during the global pandemic, but we were pleased to have sustained learning throughout the national lockdowns. This was only successful as a result of the significant effort of the teaching staff and the dedication of the students because learning is for life not just for examinations.

Our attention now turns to those who face examinations next summer. We will help prepare the next cohort of candidates for what will be traditional examinations and make full use of the available teaching time over the months ahead to enable them to face them confidently and successfully. 

Headteacher, Aisha Rasul, commented on this year’s results

Academic Results

Summer 2021 GCSE Results
Grades                                          Grade 9-7 (A*/A)          Grade 9-6 (A*-B)           Grade 9-4 (A*-C)

Biology                                                   67%                                        100%                       100%
Business                                              100%                                        100%                       100%
Chemistry                                           100%                                         100%                       100%
English Language                               50%                                            75%                       100%
English Literature                                0%                                            50%                        100%
French                                                     0%                                             0%                        100%
Mathematics                                        50%                                           92%                        100%
Mathematics – Numeracy                  67%                                         100%                        100%
Physics                                                 100%                                        100%                        100%
Spanish                                                100%                                        100%                        100%

Summer 2021 A Level Results
Grades                                          Grade 9-7 (A*/A)          Grade 9-6 (A*-B)           Grade 9-4 (A*-C)

Biology                                                        100%                                  100%                       100%

Chemistry                                                      67%                                    67%                       100%

English                                                            0%                                  100%                       100%

French                                                        100%                                  100%                       100%

German                                                      100%                                  100%                       100%

History                                                       100%                                  100%                       100%

Law                                                             100%                                  100%                       100%

Mathematics                                             100%                                  100%                       100%

Sociology                                                   100%                                  100%                       100%

Welsh Bacc                                                100%                                  100%                       100%

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