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Student Financial Support

There are several options for those who might need financial support whilst learning. We have outlined these below and described how to apply. Applications should be made to the relevant body but if you need any help or advice with this,  contact Adult learning wales on 03300 580845.

Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)

Education Maintenance Allowance is a weekly allowance of £30 (paid every two weeks) to help you with further education living costs.

Age range: 16-18

Eligibility requirements: You must be living in a household where the income is £20,817 or below if you are the only young person in the household, or £23,077 or below if there are other young people living there. You must also meet the nationality and residency criteria.

Course requirements: Your course must be Level 3 or below, and run for at least 12 guided hours per week for 10 weeks or more.

How to apply: Visit the Student Finance Wales

Welsh Government Learning Grant (WGLG)

What’s available

Welsh Government Learning Grant FE is an income-assessed grant that aims to encourage more people to continue with their education.

It provides funding to help with the costs of your education if you’re aged 19 or over. If you’re studying full-time you could get payments of up to £1,500 a year or, if studying part-time, you could get up to £750 a year.


Before making your application, there are some things you should check to make sure you’ll be able to get WGLG FE.


You must be 19 or over on 1 September .

Nationality and residency

If you’re a UK citizen living in Wales, you may be eligible for WGLG FE. If you’re not a UK citizen but you live in Wales, you may still be eligible to get WGLG FE. You should complete the application form.


Although you do not have to study in Wales to get WGLG FE, you must be studying at a school or college involved in the WGLG FE scheme.

Your course must:

  • require you to attend for at least 275 hours during the academic year
  • be at a participating school or college
  • lead to a nationally recognised qualification, up to and including Level 3 qualifications

There are lots of courses you can do to get WGLG FE, such as:

  • GCSEs
  • AS-Levels or A-Levels
  • Basic skills courses
  • Independent Living Skills courses or Preparation for Adulthood, if studying in England

Your course must be ‘eligible’ for WGLG FE support. Swansea college can advise you if the course you want to do is eligible.

If you’ve received WGLG FE while studying on a course of the same level as (or higher than) the course you’re applying for, you will not be eligible for WGLG FE in this or future academic years.

Household income

Your household income must be £18,370 or less for you to be eligible for this grant.

More detailed information about household income, including what to do if you’re a care leaver, can be found in the household income section.

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