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Science Practical endorsements

As an external candidate, you are able to complete your practical endorsements with us.
You need to be registered on a Science GCSE or A Level distance learning course (DLC) to be eligible.
A level: AQA
Students who do not require the Practical Endorsements can choose to opt-out, you will be asked to complete the Science Practical Endorsement opt out form. We always advise candidates to re- check the entry requirements for their course at University to see if they do require the Practical Endorsement or may require it in the future.


A Level

The practical assessments for each subject will involve you completing 12 required practicals to show competency in a range of skills.
Students will complete 4 practical assessments each term throughout the second year of their course. Each term 2 afternoons will be set per subject to complete the 4 practical assessments. You will be sent a lab book prior to attending that must be used to keep a formal record of your assessed practical activities.
These practical assessments will be assessed by your teacher using the Common Practical Assessment Criteria (CPAC). If you successfully demonstrate the required standard across all the requirements of the CPAC, you will receive a ‘pass’ grade. This will be reported separately on your certificate, alongside your overall A-Level grade.


Key Dates & Fees

Dates for each practical assessment will be set and sent each term. Students will need to be in attendance for all the laboratory sessions.
Practical sessions:
Autumn Term: November
Spring Term: February
Summer Term: April/May
Registration Deadline 21st October


Application Form

Click for Science Exam Practical Endorsement Application Form

GCSE Maths Specification


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