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Swansea is Wales’ City of Culture!

Swansea University has achieved its highest ever ranking in
the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Swansea College recognises that it can be hard for students to be away from home, living and studying in a different country. Our student advisors take the lead in ensuring that you settle well into your new life in Swansea, and that you are happy in your homestay. We help you to register with the doctor, dentist, library, open a bank account and show you around our small but beautiful city.

Swansea College is a family and we spend time socialising as well as studying. We organise fun evenings every half term for students, their host families, and staff, from barbecues on the beach to board games evenings. Each term you’ll have a trip to an adventure park or a site of historic importance in Wales.

Cost of Living

Swansea College is based in the city centre and the city is also right on the beach – and further along the coast it just gets better. Gower has the kind of bays that postcards will never do justice. Epic Three Cliffs Bay and Rhossili grab the spotlight, but there are also countless coves to explore. You can even get involved in kayaking, surfing and coasteering; there’s plenty of adrenaline-fueled activities to try out if that’s your thing.  Students are always amazed by how easy it is to get around, you can walk pretty much everywhere!

We are only a few hours by train from London, so if you have friends or family you want to visit in the capital, or elsewhere in the country, it will be quick and easy to reach them (as long as they meet you at the train station!)

You will never feel like an outsider in Swansea, because Welsh people are known for their friendliness and warmth.  When you get off the bus, you may hear your fellow passengers thanking the driver with phrases like “Cheers, Drive” or “Ta, Drive”.  Why not try it out yourself?

Swansea College recognises the importance of personal faith in our own lives and the lives of our students.  Whatever your religion, in Swansea you will find a group of fellow believers with whom you can meet.  We have Christian churches of all denominations, Mosques, a Buddhist Temple, Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Halls, a Mormon Temple, a Hindu Temple, and a Jewish Synagogue.

“Gower has the kind of bays that postcards will never do justice”