Welcome to Swansea College

Students of all abilities are welcome and encouraged to attend our school, where we value diversity and inclusivity first and foremost.

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On behalf of our staff and students, it gives me great pleasure to welcome yourself to the Swansea College website.

We are proud to be a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural school and we are fortunate to have pleasant, conscientious students and very supportive parents. The leadership team (including all staff) are proud of our students. We are constantly striving to evaluate and improve the provision and standards of achievement, to ensure they receive the best opportunity possible to develop and grow.

Our provision is built on a commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of our students. We offer support in being aspirational and in developing students’ interests and talents, whilst helping them learn to achieve balance in their lives. Through our continuous work, we help to develop the inherent qualities in all students and equip them with the skills necessary to lead fulfilling, positive lives.

By emphasising the importance of leadership skills, for example, we hope that each student will enjoy making a contribution to our college and go on to make a positive difference to whichever communities they find themselves in throughout their lives. Ultimately, this ethos has encouraged our students to achieve their very best.

We aim to provide:

  • An inspiring, challenging and responsive academic curriculum, which balances the best of tradition and innovation
  • Excellent and motivating teaching designed to encourage our students to become independent, enquiring and critical thinkers
  • A framework of individual support devised to help each student experience and benefit from a full programme of study balanced with a wide variety of cultural, creative, physical and fun activities
  • A culture of encouragement and support designed to develop self-reliance, resilience, confidence and wellbeing
  • The experience of learning to understand other people, working and living together with tolerance and compromise, whilst also offering a wide range of opportunities for leadership, careers and higher education guidance designed to help every student achieve their own personal goals, equipped with professional and life skills for university and beyond
  • A close partnership with parents so that the College and the home can work together to help every student make the most of their time
  • Social opportunities to improve learners’ communication skills and wellbeing
  • A plethora of opportunities to develop learners’ knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to succeed in further education, higher education and in everyday life and work
  • Chances to develop students’ personal qualities, such as integrity and honesty, perseverance, initiative and polite and considerate behaviour
  • Encouragement to become actively involved in the local and wider community

Our values encourage:

  • Foster belief in oneself: integrity, independence, courage, endeavour, reflection, self-respect and self-confidence
  • Foster belief in others: trust, appreciation, consultation, understanding, generosity of spirit, tolerance and respect
  • To contribute to pupils’ social, moral and physical development as well as academic success
  • Develop knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to succeed in further education, higher education and in everyday life and work
  • Develop personal qualities such as integrity and honesty, perseverance, initiative and encourage polite and considerate behaviour
  • Encourage active involvement in the local and wider community

We expect our learners to:

  • Commit to learning: hold an enthusiasm for and love of learning
  • Commit to the community: participate, service, be responsible, take initiative, be compassionate and be commitment to enforcing equality

  • Attend school regularly
  • Behave impeccably in and around the school and throughout the local community
  • Work hard and do their best in all that they are asked to do
“Overall, our aims, values and expectations are not all rooted and fixated on academic success”

We want to develop life-long skills within all our students to equip them for life beyond school and education.
Above all, we want our learners to enjoy their time at the College and look back on their education with pride and joy.