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Sports and Leisure Opportunities

Beyond academic work, our students are encouraged to engage in a wide range of activities that develop character, foster friendships and promote leadership and personal fulfilment.

Swansea College offers a variety of sports and leisure options to develop students’ physical and mental abilities. We have a wide ranging programme of sports and leisure to all students – both GCSE and A Level – to ensure that all students have the opportunity to extend existing skills and to learn new ones.

Students are offered team sports, solitary sports, adventurous sports, creative activities and activities that those less physically active (for example, due to physical impairments) can take part in, learn from and enjoy.

For GCSE students, the Sports and Leisure Programme is compulsory.  It is an optional extra for A Level students, but we strongly encourage our A Level students to participate.

Regular Workshops

Swansea College organise workshops, where entrepreneurs deliver a talk and share trade knowledge, we have had business leaders from the following sectors

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Engineering

In addition, we organise a variety of trips and outgoings to enrich and deepen students’ understanding.