Project Description

The Essential Skills Wales (ESW) suite of qualifications introduced in September 2015 is designed to assess the range of skills that learners need for successful learning, employment and life. They provide a single ladder of progression, spanning six levels and comprising qualifications in:


Course Dates & Information

September Course

Date: Monday 16th September 2024
Course fee: £600
Duration: 7 weeks ( 3 days a week) 
Teaching hours: 9 hours per week

January course

Date: Monday 13th January 2025
Course fee: £600
Duration: 7 weeks (3 days a week)
Teaching hours: 9 hours per week

The Essential Skills Wales qualifications are intended for use in a range of settings at post-16 and post-14 in certain instances.  They focus on the practical application of these skills, especially learners’ capacity to transfer their knowledge and understanding between contexts and purposes.

Essential Skills Wales qualifications aim to enable learners to develop and demonstrate proficiency in the essential skills that employers and next-stage educators value and that learners need for progression and effective performance in learning, work and life.