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Course Overview

While studying our WJEC GCSE Biology course, you’ll delve into the deepest mechanisms of cell division and cell functions within different organisms, and discover how the various systems of the human body work together to facilitate life. From genetics and evolution to biodiversity and deforestation, you’ll have a solid foundation in biological studies.

The WJEC GCSE Biology online course is enhanced with lessons with a bank of resources, interactive tests and activities.  The course focuses on strands of learning within the curriculum to improve progression throughout, offering a seamless progression.

The online course measures progression and assesses understanding with;

  • Enables students to build, apply and review their understanding with worksheets and Quick Quizzes..
  • Ensure understanding of the key concepts for the main topics with appropriate presentations.
  • Provides complete specification coverage with a list of learning objectives.

Course Options:

All of our GCSE courses are studied online with support from our specialist subject tutors. You will be given access to our online learning materials and e-books.
PLUS Course
  • Online live classes – these are live interactive classes.

  • These classes are recorded and can be watched back, access available for 7 days
  • Access to full course online

  • e-books provided

  • Workbooks* will be posted

  • Interactive quizzes*

  • Google Classroom Access

  • Homework/assignments set and mark & feedback provided

  • Mock assessments in Autumn and Spring

  • Register your exams with us
  • UCAS Application support

The Classroom Environment

Our online/in-person classes are small making learning more accessible for learners and gives the classroom environment a calm atmosphere to learn. Having a limited number of students in the classroom gives the students more one-on-one time with their teacher, for teachers to review students’ work, to provide feedback on what went well, and how to improve students’ work for the future.

About our teachers

Our teachers are enthusiastic about learning. Teachers will support students towards their individual pathways in education.. Our teachers are here to help!

Course structure – PLUS option

Duration: One year fast track course
Course dates: September – May
  • 3 hours of online live classes per week over 20 weeks
  • Students are expected to study a further 3 hours per week, independently
  • Total course – 160 hours online

Course fees for PLUS Option

  • Enrolment fee: £80
  • Course fee: £750
Instalments available over 8 months (Sept- April) – pay £78.75 per month
(after deducting the application fee)

How to Apply?

1. Complete the application form
2. Send a scanned, coloured copy of your Passport or Driving License
3. Pay the application fee of £200 (the application fee is made up of £80 enrolment fee and £120 towards the course fee, this fee is non-refundable)

Choose your Science Practical endorsement option:

  1. Complete Science Practical endorsements with Swansea College
  2. Carry forward from previous exam series (evidence required on application)
  3. Complete Science Practical endorsements with BioGrad
  4. If you opt out of practical endorsements. Your results certificate will display Not Classified (you must check the entry requirements for the university course you wish to study and see if the practical endorsement is a requirement)

Course Contents

The course is structured into bite-sized parts:

  • Cells and movement across membranes
  •  Respiration and the respiratory system in humans
  •  Digestion and the digestive system in humans
  • Circulatory system in humans
  •  Plants and photosynthesis
  •  Ecosystems, nutrient cycles and human impact on the environment
  • Classification and biodiversity
  •  Cell division and stem cells
  •  DNA and inheritance
  •  Variation and evolution
  •  Response and regulation
  •  Kidneys and homeostasis
  •  Micro-organisms and their applications
  •  Disease, defence and treatment

There are no previous entry requirements for this course, however students are expected to have a reasonable standard of literacy.

Exam and Assessment                         

Mock Assessments will take place in December and March/April

Register for your exams by 20th January

 2 written exams and practical assessments

Course Outcome

Upon successful completion of the practical assessment and exams, you will receive a GCSE in Biology.

More information can be found in the specification



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