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Course Overview

Our GCSE Religious Studies Specification A- online course is well suited to anyone who has questions to ask and opinions to give. This course will appeal to people who are interested in others and in human beliefs and behaviours. Studying GCSE Religious Studies are given the unique opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. Students will develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of religion by exploring the significance and impact of beliefs, teachings, sources, practices and ways of life.

Religious Studies will help develop your key skills in communication, working with others, problem solving and improving your own learning. It will also give you skills in making decisions about moral problems, and help you to become sure about your own beliefs and explain them clearly to others. It is not about making you religious, it is about enabling you to think for yourself about religious and moral issues. You do not need a ‘faith’ to enjoy this course – atheists are just as welcome as curious believers.

The online course measures progression and assesses understanding with;

  • Enables students to build, apply and review their understanding with worksheets and Quick Quizzes..
  • Ensure understanding of the key concepts for the main topics with appropiate presentations.
  • Provides complete specification coverage with a list of learning objectives.

1. Self Study

All of our GCSE courses are studied online with support from our specialist subject tutors. You will be given access to our online learning materials and e-books.
  • Access to full course online
  • e-books provided

  • Workbooks* will be posted

  • Interactive quizzes*

  • Google Classroom Access

  • Tutor email support

  • Register your exams with us

About our teachers

Our teachers are enthusiastic about learning. Teachers will support students towards
their individual pathways in education.. Our teachers are here to help!

Course structure – Self-study option

  • Total course – 160 hours online
  • Students are expected to study 6 hours per week, independently
Course fees – Self-study Option
  • Enrolment fee: £80
  • Course fee: £495
Instalments available over 8 months (Sept- April) –pay £46.90 per month (after
deducting the application fee)

How to Apply?

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Send a scanned, coloured copy of your Passport or Driving License
  3. Pay the application fee of £200 (the application fee is made up of £80 enrolment fee and £120 towards the course fee, this fee is non-refundable)

Course Contents

Component 1:

The study of religions: beliefs, teachings and practices.

Students should study any two of the following:

  • Buddhism
  • Christianity
  • Catholic Christianity
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Sikhism.

Christianity and Catholic Christianity is a prohibited combination.

Component 2:

Religious, philosophical and ethical studies

Students should study a total of four themes from ar 2. Students may study either four religious, philosophical and ethical studies themes or two religious, philosophical and ethical studies themes and two textual studies themes.

Theme A: Relationships and families

Theme B: Religion and life

Theme C: The existence of God and revelation

Theme D: Religion, peace and conflict

Theme E: Religion, crime and punishment

Theme F: Religion, human rights and social justice

Theme G: St Mark’s gospel: the life of Jesus

Theme H: St Mark’s Gospel as a source of religious, moral and spiritual truths

There are no previous entry requirements for this course, however students are expected to have a reasonable standard of literacy.


AQA GCSE Religious Studies Specification A consists of two
Areas of Study from which students study two, which are then assessed through two externally set examination papers.

Please note, AQA  does offer the chance to learn about other religions, however, due to tutors’ expertise, you must study Christianity and Islam when studying with Swansea Online Learning College.

Students must complete all assessment in May/June in any single year.

Course Duration

You will have 1 year to complete the full GCSE Religious Studies B online course from the date you start the course. You will be able to study at your own pace and in your own time

Study hours

180 hours

Study Method

This course enables you to study for a GCSE in Religious Studies by online learning.  Full tutor support is available via email, so help is only a click away!

Course Outcome

Upon successful completion of the practical assessment and exams, you will receive a GCSE in Religious Studies. The awarding body is Pearson Edexcel.

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