Falcon is a simple lightweight framework based on Python that lets developers build REST APIs with ease. While both frameworks have a lot of similarities, Falcon is more specialized than Flask and is ideal for projects dependent on APIs. If you are looking at building an app with a robust front end, Flask is the better choice. Flask’s wide array of extension libraries comes at the cost of having a more complicated project setup. The following project templates provide a starter base that you can either use for your own applications or just learn various ways to structure your code. You’ve learned how to create your first Flask application and started your first project. Here’s what you need to do to get started on your first Flask project.

Django is great for large projects that require security, scalability, and built-in features. Conversely, a big benefit of Django is that it supports underlying technologies and offers you supporting materials and tools to make migrations to newer versions easier. With a complete set of information at your disposal, you can smoothly transition from one version to the next.

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Where Django is an open-source framework for the rapid development of web applications and Flask is a light-end framework offering standard functionality. Flask is considered a micro web framework is written in Python programming. The word “micro” means focusing to keep the core extensible but straightforward. It is not dependent upon external libraries to perform the tasks of a framework.

This way you can define your header once and keep it consistent over all the pages of your website, and if you need to change your header, you will only have to update it in one place. flask framework for python developers lessons is basically a protocol defined so that Python application can communicate with a web-server and thus be used as web-application outside of CGI. The hello() view function returns the string ‘Hello, World! An understanding of Python 3 concepts, such as data types, conditional statements, for loops, functions, and other such concepts. If you are not familiar with Python, check out our How To Code in Python 3 series. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a protocol that allows clients and servers to share information. HTTP is a request-response protocol used to communicate between a client and a server.

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In the end, both frameworks have lowered the barrier to entry for building web applications, making them much easier and quicker to develop. Since Django forces a consistent app structure regardless of the size of the project nearly all Django projects have a similar structure. Because of thus, Django better handles larger projects that have longer lifetimes and potential for a lot of growth since you’ll most likely have to onboard new developers from time to time. Despite both Python and Django’s popularity, it’s hard to hire Django developers. They’re difficult to find and retain since they’re in such high demand, and they’re typically more on the senior side so they can be quite expensive. There’s also not a lot of new, aspiring web developers learning Django since the industry is focused more on smaller frameworks and the framework itself is difficult to learn.

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You pass the value ‘/’ to @app.route() to signify that this function will respond to web requests for the URL /, which is the main URL. In the preceding code block, you first import the Flask object from the flask package. You then use it to create your Flask application instance with the name app. You pass the special variable __name__ that holds the name of the current Python module. It’s used to tell the instance where it’s located—you need this because Flask sets up some paths behind the scenes.

from flask import Flask, render_template, request, url_for, flash, redirect

Flask is preferred by programmers with more coding experience or who require more control over the app design. Django, as a full-stack Python framework, includes a wide range of features for your web app, from user authentication to RSS feeds. One of the reasons Django is so popular for large web applications is that it is designed to handle high traffic demands.

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