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Sixth Term Examination Paper (STEP)

STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper) MATHEMATICS is a well-established mathematics examination designed to test candidates on questions that are similar in style to undergraduate mathematics.

STEP is used by the University of Cambridge, the University of Warwick and Imperial College London.

Most universities sometimes ask candidates to take STEP as part of their offer – in such cases, the university can advise on which papers to take.

STEP Test format

From 2021, STEP 1 will no longer exist and only STEP 2 and STEP 3 will remain.

The test consists of up to two 3-hour paper-based examinations. Candidates are usually required to sit either one or two of the examinations, depending on the requirements of the universities they have applied to.

Graph paper is not needed, as the test requires only sketches, not detailed graphs.

There is no longer a formulae booklet for STEP Mathematics examinations.

STEP Papers

STEP Mathematics 2 (9470) The paper consists of 12 questions. Candidates choose 6 questions to answer 3 hours
STEP Mathematics 3 (9475) The paper consists of 12 questions. The paper consists of 12 questions. 3 hours


STEP  Test dates 2021

01 March 2022 STEP registration opens
Centres can register candidates from this date
21 April 2022 at 15:00 (BST) Last date to request modified question papers for STEP
5 May 2022 at 17:00 (BST) STEP registration closes
Last date to request Access Arrangements for STEP
09 June 2022 STEP paper 2 test date
20 June 2022 STEP paper 3 test date

18 August 2022 at 09:00 (BST)

STEP test results released
 25 August 2022 at 17:00 (BST Last date for Results Enquiries


Fee per exam £185

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