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A Level Courses

Swansea College offers the following study routes:

  • Two year course
  • 18 months course
  • One year course
  • One year resits course

Two- year Courses

The majority of A level students choose our two year route option.

Two-year courses are designed for:

  • Students who are continuing at Swansea College after their GCSE course.
  • Students from other schools seeking a sixth form college to study A levels
  • Year 13 transfer students who have changed plans after an unsatisfactory first year of A level at another school. Depending on their academic progress up to the point of joining Swansea College, such students either repeat Year 12 or join Swansea College  Year 13.

18 month Courses

Students can enrol in January in the first year of their course.

One-Year Courses and Resits

The one-year A level course covers the whole syllabus in one year and are run entirely separately from the second year of our two-year A level course.

One-year courses are designed for:

  • Transfer students from other schools who continue into Year 13 or take one year intensive.
  • Retake students whose previous grade in the subject is too weak to risk a short course
  • Retake students taking a brand new subject (to widen UCAS options, give fresh motivation and avoid ‘retake status’ in at least one subject making them more attractive to universities).
  • Mature students – especially those converting to Medicine following an Arts-based first degree.

A Level Subjects

With a large variety of subjects on offer, we believe in providing you with a broad range of subjects.

(Other subjects may be available on consultation.)

Click on any of the subjects below to read more about what is taught on each course.

A level Subject Exam Board
Accounting AQA
Biology WJEC
Business WJEC
Chemistry WJEC
Chinese Pearson
Computer Science WJEC
Economics WJEC
English Language WJEC
English Literature WJEC
French WJEC
Geography WJEC
German WJEC
History WJEC
 Mathematics WJEC
Further Mathematics WJEC
Physics WJEC
Sociology WJEC
Welsh WJEC
Welsh Baccalaureate WJEC

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