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GCSE Religious Studies Course

Exam board: WJEC
Exam code: 3120QS 

What is Religious Studies?

  • Religious studies is about finding out what people believe and why.
  • It looks at those trying to answer the big questions that we all think about now and again like ‘what is the meaning of life?’ or ‘what happens to us after we die?’
  • It enables you to consider and explore some of the fundamental ethical issues such as crime and punishment, euthanasia, prejudice and abortion.

Who is this course for?

GCSE Religious Studies is well suited to anyone who has questions to ask and opinions to give. This course will appeal to people who are interested in others and in human beliefs and behaviours. Students studying Religious Studies are given the unique opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. Students will develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of religion by exploring the significance and impact of beliefs, teachings, sources, practices and ways of life.

The course will allow you to express your own beliefs whilst taking into account the beliefs of others. Religious Studies allows students to express their personal responses on fundamental questions and encourages them to explore these topics and build informed, well-articulated arguments for and against these issues.

What will a GCSE in Religious Studies do for me?

Religious Studies will help develop your key skills in communication, working with others, problem solving and improving your own learning. It will also give you skills in making decisions about moral problems, and help you to become sure about your own beliefs and explain them clearly to others. It is not about making you religious, it is about enabling you to think for yourself about religious and moral issues. You do not need a ‘faith’ to enjoy this course – atheists are just as welcome as curious believers.

A GCSE in Religious Studies is a stepping stone to a wide range of future opportunities. The skills you develop will support you in further studies and employment. Religious Studies will teach the skills and understanding needed to work with people of all faiths and cultures. These skills are vitally important in all careers especially professions such as law, enforcement, teaching and the armed forces, in fact any profession that brings you into contact with other people. Students studying Religious Studies will develop their ability to construct well-argued, well-informed, balanced and structured written arguments as well as encourage them to reflect on and develop their own values, beliefs and attitudes. It equips students with the essential tools and qualities to enable them to function both effectively and efficiently as responsible, broad-minded citizens in an increasingly pluralistic society and global community.


This WJEC GCSE specification in religious studies provides opportunities for
candidates to follow a course that is coherent and that balances knowledge of core
beliefs, teachings and practices of at least two religions, with an understanding of
how they can be applied to philosophical and ethical themes.

The specification will:

  • develop learners’ knowledge and understanding of religions and non-religious
    beliefs, such as atheism and humanism
  • develop learners’ knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs, teachings,
    practices, and sources of wisdom and authority, including through their reading of key religious texts, other texts, and scriptures of the religions they are studying
  • develop learners’ ability to construct well-argued, well-informed, balanced and
    structured written arguments, demonstrating their depth and breadth of
    understanding of the subject
  • provide opportunities for learners to engage with questions of belief, value,
    meaning, purpose, truth, and their influence on human life
  • challenge learners to reflect on and develop their own values, beliefs and
    attitudes in the light of what they have learnt and contribute to their preparation for adult life in a pluralistic society and global community
  • provide learners with the opportunity to study Welsh perspectives, which arise
    naturally from the subject matter, enriching learners’ understanding of the world
    around them.


This is an untiered qualification

Exam Access Arrangements

Exam access arrangements allow candidates/learners with special educational needs, disabilities or temporary injuries to access the assessment without changing the demands of the assessment. For example, readers, scribes and Braille question papers. In this way, Awarding Bodies will comply with the duty of the Equality Act 2010 to make ‘reasonable adjustments’.

We can arrange access arrangements and assess you with our special assessor.  The deadline for application to the exam board is the February of the year the learner sits exams.

To find out more about exam access arrangements  click here

Study Options

You can choose from the following study options:

  • Online classes only
  • Blended learning – Classes at the campus and online
  • Distance learning course


We offer a range of study options, we are flexible, offer tutor support, and interest-free payment plans make it easy to shape learning around your life.

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Of course, you can study this course part time, making sure you have said in your enrolment.

GCSE’s are usually a two year course, studying this in one year – would be an intensive course.
You may be able to complete this in one year as an intensive course, you need to show a strong understanding of the subject.

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