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Has your education been placed on hold?

Are you busy during most weekdays?

Has your past education left a negative impression on education?

Swansea College has created a new programme for mature adults aged 18+ who wish to go back to education, who may wish to improve their subject knowledge or who may want to gain a qualification in Mathematics and/or English. Our teachers are happy to help support
your educational journey!
We acknowledge that your every day lives may be busy! That is why we have created our after school hours programme.
We understand that students may have a negative impression on education, be that from experiences with anxiety to sit examinations at school, bullying whilst in education, or an educator leaving a lasting negative impression on the student. No matter the experience, it has left students with this impression about educational environments.
Nothing should halt any individual’s pathway to success. Our teachers are very friendly and supportive in the classroom environment.
Our online/in-person classes are small making learning more accessible for learners and giving the classroom environment a calm atmosphere to learn. Having a limited number of students in the classroom gives the students more one-on-one time with their teacher, for teachers to review students’ work, to provide feedback on what went well and how to improve students’ work for the future.

What is the programme?

Swansea College has created a new GCSE Mathematics and GCSE English programme for adults 18+.

Why was the programme created?

This programme was created by the director at Swansea College, Aisha Rasul noticed how difficult it has been throughout the pandemic for students who may have had their education placed on hold.
Our director had noticed a lack of adults who pursue learning in education, be that due to
past experiences within a past educational setting or adults who wish to continue their studies but they are busy with their normal everyday lives.
With this programme, mature students can feel comfortable in the classroom environment due to a limited number of students and a cosy classroom environment to learn.
For a majority of the population when they reflect on their educational experiences individuals say; I was nervous to put my hand up in class. This has been a major issue within educational settings, this pressure to get everything correct. Learning should be an enjoyable experience. Mistakes are a part of learning.
Students need not worry if their answers are incorrect, learning takes time! When teachers wish for students to participate in lessons, students can feel reassured that the teacher will take their time and help them along with their understanding of the topics discussed.

About our teachers.

Our teachers are enthusiastic about learning. Teachers will support students towards their individual pathways in education. Whether the student wishes to understand more subject knowledge if the student wishes to gain their qualification in GCSE Mathematics or GCSE
English. Our teachers are here to help!

When will the programme take place?

Our programme will take place 2 evenings a week for one and a half hours each. The course
duration is over thirty weeks during the whole academic year.
Total hours : 90 hours course

Course Fee

The fee for the full course is £650
If you are interested in our mature GCSE course, please imply your interest. This course is subject to four students enrolling on the course.

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Course Contents

The course is structured into bite-sized parts:

  • Integers
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Powers and roots
  • Set language and notation
  • Percentages
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Degree of accuracy
  • Standard form
  • Applying number
  • Electronic calculators
  • Use of symbols
  • Algebraic manipulation
  • Expressions and formulae
  • Linear equations
  • Proportion
  • Simultaneous linear equations
  • Quadratic equations
  • Inequalities
  • Sequences
  • Functional notation
  • Graphs
  • Calculus
  • Angles, lines and triangles
  • Polygons
  • Symmetry
  • Measures
  • Construction
  • Circle properties
  • Geometrical reasoning
  • Trigonometry and Pythagoras’ Theorem
  • Mensuration of 2-D shapes
  • 3-D shapes and volume
  • Similarity
  • Vectors
  • Transformation geometry
  • Graphical representation of data
  • Statistical measures
  • Probability

Previous knowledge required

There are no previous entry requirements for this course.


The assessment consists of three externally-examined papers. Students must complete all three papers in the same assessment series.

Course Duration

Our programme will take place 2 evenings a week for one and a half hours each. The course
duration is over thirty weeks during the whole academic year.

Study hours

90 hours

Study Method

This course enables you to study for a GCSE in Mathematics by online/inperson learning.  

Course Outcome

Upon successful completion of the coursework and exams, you will receive a GCSE in Mathematics.

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