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Adult Learner Admissions

Our GCSE, iGCSE and A level courses are internationally recognised accredited qualifications, just the same as the GCSEs and A levels you would study at school.
Our one-year Fast Track courses are ideal for Adults, Homeschoolers and Resitters. They are complete courses, providing you with all of the materials required to successfully gain your qualifications. You can also study the course over two years.

We now offer two options:

  • Distance Learning Course (DLC) Self-study 
  • Distance Learning Course (DLC) PLUS 
Our PLUS option has been developed following feedback from our self-study students where they have expressed that they would benefit from classes from the subject Teachers.
To apply for a place and for more information visit our GCSEiGCSE and A-level course pages.

Admissions Process

Stage 1

Stage 2

The application will be checked, documents requested to support your application.

Stage 3

An online meeting with the admissions teams
GCSE Courses
IGCSE Courses
A Level Courses

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