Project Description


A Level Mock Assessments

We offer a comprehensive A-Level Mock Assessment service in most subjects for all the main examination boards. This service is available to all students, regardless of whether they plan to study or sit their actual examinations with us.

Students complete 6 past papers over 4 weeks.

When can I take a Mock A Level Assessments?

Mock assessments are taking place in  November 2021, December 2021, January 2022.

How does it work?

Sitting a mock A Level Assessment involves completing 6 past papers under full examination conditions online or in-person over 4 weeks.

Following completion of the mock examinations, the papers are marked and students receive an overall grade. Students receive two review meetings that summarise their strengths and weakness, with notes and suggestions on how to improve.

The review meetings are often invaluable in helping to prepare for the actual examinations and for your predicated grades for UCAS.

  1. Complete the form below
  2. You will be set the mock paper for your chosen subject
  3. You complete the paper
  4. The paper will be marked by our subject tutor
  5. You will receive a certificate with the grade you achieved, we will send you the mark scheme
  6. The tutor will arrange two review meetings


  • Our mock papers are designed to the new style of examining.
  • Our mock papers are prepared by the subject tutor
  • You can take the mock at home, online
  • You will receive feedback and support is available


The fee for each subject is £150

How to register for a A-Level Mock Assessments

Registration for A-Level Mock Assessments involves the completion of an entry form,  fill in the form below for more information.